Mark Jessett is an artist specialising in works on paper. He was born in Oxford and studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College, London. He is co-founder of contemporary art group N-E-W, staging occasional art events and exhibitions in Ashburton, Devon, where he lives and works.

Working in acrylic on carefully selected papers, which are pasted to board, he overlays paint in very fine films, often with shimmering metallics and flat solids, to explore relationships between colour, surface texture, translucency and opacity.

Predominently non-representational and often playful, the feel of the work is guided by an appreciation for early 20th century children’s illustration, stylized representations of magic and the esoteric in print, outdated presentations in local museums, and folkloric artefacts and symbols.

The paintings can be grouped around visual motifs; Flags (quite descriptive, gestural works), Ceremonials (monumental forms or edifices), Specimens (organic, experimental) and Minerals (rock-like and angular forms, which suggest – but do not represent – minerals and precious metals). The most recent paintings are an extension (sometimes an amalgamation) of Minerals and Specimens. Mark also produces occasional, stand-alone installations as seen in the pieces ‘My Heart…’ and ‘Grotto’.

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