My recent Rock paintings stem from earlier explorations of mineral forms, but are searching for greater simplicity, a clearer celebration of the paint and the roughness of the paper, and a lighter touch. The theme and the more relaxed approach both arrived during lockdown in 2020, as a counterpoint to the bleakness of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the most representational work I have made in more than fifteen years; there’s no escaping the sense that the forms look like stones and twigs, but they’re simply paint and paper. They reflect my love of Golden Age and 20th century children’s illustration and the joy I find in colour.

Magic Rocks and Witch Sticks, 91x122cm
Collection, 61x67cm
Offerings, 60x60cm
Preparations (in the Hollow), 60x60cm
Rocks in Books, 52x60cm
Magic Rocks, 60x60cm
Water Spell, 30x30cm
Nature Table, 30x30cm